Saturday, April 25, 2009

brain damage

been kinda crazy around here. sorry for the lack of posts this month. lots of exciting things on the horizon that i will post about in the near future. excited about a bunch of stuff going on right now. the first of which happens this thursday. i'm heading out on what i'm calling "the great asia trip of oh-nine". flying out to Tokyo for a couple of days. SERIOUSLY! how did i get so lucky?! then off to Hong Kong for a couple days of meetings. then up to Shanghai for more meetings. then back to the good ole u.s. of a. i feel extremely fortunate for this opportunity. pics and stories of the trip will be posted soon.

did this design a while back. kind of feels fitting to post right now. cheers!
photoshop sketch-

brush pen lines and photoshop color-

Thursday, April 23, 2009

vintage sport lettering

1. sketch. 2. vector over template. 3. finished. click for close up.