Tuesday, November 18, 2008

budweiser brown crest

did this art a long time back (actually, in november of 2006) and just now saw it on the budshop website for sale. forgot about doing it until i was browsing and happened to notice it.

this was one of the first crest/heraldry/vine-y/whatever designs that i did. can tell now looking back on this one that i was still trying to figure it out and experiment. drawing that stuff was so time consuming. glad to see that trend isn't as big as it once was.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

fest 7

my favorite holiday. guys extended weekend roadtrip to g-ville.

-jack daniels distillery has a bear problem.
-atlanta, night #1. special thanks to jeremy & tamara for showing us a good time and giving us a place to crash!
-1982 prefest show... young livers. wow. so good.
-cold 5 star and yuengling for breakfast.
-nothington. best of fest.
-all my new english friends
-pissing next to a guy wearing tights (happy halloween)
-moss trees
-atlanta night #2. leatherface & tiltwheel at the drunken unicorn.
-getting home in time to vote. election night felt magical. so proud to be american.

Monday, November 10, 2008


so, i have this piece in a group gallery opening on november 22nd in st. petersburg, florida. i'm pretty fucking excited about it. the list of artists involved is STACKED and i feel honored (and a little out of place) to be included. the show it pretty unique in how its set up... you can check out more info about it HERE. you can also buy/pre order my art screened on a tee for 18 bones at THIS LINK.

here's some process shots of my art-
1. pencil sketch

2. brush pen line work. did something different with this design... inked it on good paper- not just taped-together ripped, folded cheap copy paper like usual. i am going to put some watercolor swashes on it and actually make something finished outside of the computer. i'll post the finished painting/drawing/inking/whatever as soon as i get it together.

3. finished art. ready to be screenprinted for you. wink, wink.

i just want to say that I LOVE THIS CONCEPT for a gallery. screw art-elitist. screw expensive shit that hangs on walls (i mean, if you can work that hustle as an "artist", good for you) i just think its time to make art fun again. and affordable. this is going to be a party.