Tuesday, December 12, 2006

las vegas half marathon

Sunday, December 10th I ran 13.1 miles with my brother. it was an awesome feeling to cross that finish line and one that i won't soon forget.
It was quite the experience to run right down the middle of The Strip... past the Blue Man Group at the start line, the Mandalay Bay, the performing Ozzie cover band, past the Balagio, the "run-through" wedding chapel, the hords of running "Elvi" (I guess that is Elvis pluralized), through Freemont Street, the Blondie cover band, and back to the finish line. All of the many hours of training I had put in were worth it. what a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

at the start line trying to stay warm.

one of the many running elvi


victory with medals and gold stuff that they give you.... my brother kind of looks like he's taking a dump in this picture. i don't think he was though.

the only way to celebrate completing a vegas half marathon: an ice bath and a bottle of champagne.

my superhero impersonation. check out those sweet $10 velcro shoes from walmart! i received a couple of comments about them as i ran. no complaints from me nor from my feet though!

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