Friday, December 12, 2008

All American Rejects

I got an email out of the blue a while back to do some designs for The All American Rejects merch to sell in support of their new album. I don't really listen to them but was stoked nontheless at the opportunity. Here is the design that I did for them.
This ended up being printed on a black hoody. if you see this, you should buy it and send me a pic of you wearing it. I'll put together something nice for you.

Here are some alternate designs that they ended up not going with:

this one below is my personal favorite. Too bad it wasn't picked up.


Pop-Monkey said...

Yeah, I like that last design the best, as well.
Funny how that works sometimes with clients. If you give them a bunch of options, it seems they rarely choose your favorite as theirs.
Oh well.

Zachary said...

It's because it's the neon-est and the brightest I bet. Case of the "make my logo bigger."

They all look great though!