Friday, February 06, 2009

Addicted to Fishing

worked on something a little different here for this post.

1. pencil sketch: ... with a little rough photoshopping. just trying to get the idea where i want it.

2. pencil rough: scanned in to work off of in photoshop for the final.

3. scales: scale pattern created and distorted in illustrator over a placed jpg of the above rough. will be used and further modified in photoshop in the next step.

4. photoshop black & white: just some photoshop work here with a wacom tablet.

5. photoshop color: coloring over the black & white. keeping everything in layers to make production separations easier

6. final design: added some top high lights, shadows, color tweaks, and "fishing lines" to fish and added some type.

this should be popping up in a store this spring... maybe.

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Anonymous said...

this is awesome man!!