Monday, April 12, 2010

My students rule!

below is a collaborative poster that my students completed this semester as part of my 'illustrative lettering' project. each student contributed a letter that they created. the letters were then combined to make the final poster design. the basic concept is that if you only read the RED areas of the design it reads HELP HAITI... and when both colors are read together, you get HELP SAVE HUMANITY.

a hand-pulled screenprinted signed & numbered edition of 50 posters is now for sale at (direct link to our poster is HERE) all proceeds from poster sales will be donated to doctors without borders.

click the image below for a larger view. some really fantastic detailing in there. really proud of my students!


Jeffrey W. Meyer said...

I like the "I" with the hands! Cool stuff, might have to mosey on over and grab one!

mili8951 said...
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