Monday, September 18, 2006


here's some shots of a project that i did some time back. this was for a screenprint on a t-shirt... the tag lines and customer logos have been removed.

1. pencils: a scan of my initial sketch. i was able to draw a caricature of my uncle jim (who happens to be an avid fisherman) instead of just creating some random character.

2. photoshop: i took my scan into photoshop to clean up and airbrush. i also made some modifications to my sketch to capture a better likeness of my uncle.

3. color: i separated out the different blocks where various colors were going and then added the color using both different layer styles and actually going in and airbrushing different colors. using this technique is good when working with art that will eventually be screenprinted because the selections can be made for the production-side-of-things easier.

4. revision set #1: kinda expected this. i always seem to get a bunch of revisions when i work on "outdoor" designs... i don't think that i "get" that customer as well as i would like to (and it must show). anyway, along with some changes to the type and addition of customer logo on cap (not shown), i was asked to incorporate a fish, some dramamine (seasick medication); and a sunburn.

5. revision set #2: the final version. changed life vest to Hawaiian shirt, changed fish, changed reels to "proper off-shore" reels, changed net to that hook they use.... forgot what its called, and added more "fishing trinkets".

i was able to get a couple of these shirts to ship to my aunt and uncle. there excitement about the final shirt was the most rewarding part of this project.

i'll try to get some newer art on a post in the future.

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josh said...

i remembered, its called a "gaff hook"!

that was going to drive me crazy.