Monday, September 11, 2006

here are 4 designs that i recently created (or modified from old art that i did in the past) to email to potential clients & contacts that i have made. just something to give them a reference of the kind of art that i can do. these jpgs have already helped me land an interview that resulted in a BIG freelance project!!!! i'll show more of that in future posts when the designs "go public"/get placed in stores... or when i get the ok from them to post.


Zachary Ford said...

These are fantastic, Josh. Hard to pick a favorite as they all vary so much, but it's a definite 'style.' How's the new freelance work coming along?

josh said...

zach- gracias. i'm super busy with work plus i've been out of town for business plus my parents visited and stayed with us last week. crazy. the designs are looking decent though and i'm getting a good reaction from them so far.