Monday, October 23, 2006

pencilbomb has a new home!

me and my best girl recently moved to this cool little old town and into a bigger apartment for the same rent as our old one (and now we have sane neighbors living next to us! no more being spied on by our old neighbor, melinda!) plus, my little creative company has a room of its very own... and some new equipment!!!! i feel like an official company owner now, no more staying late at the office on the work computer to finish up freelance projects or trips to kinko's for scans and printouts. look at the size of that monitor! i can't believe that i finally did it! i've been debating on getting a computer for a while now. the apple store rules, by the way! Here's a hint to anyone about to purchase a new mac: tell them the purchase is for your business. they saved me some money and hooked me up with a business discount on everything and were just really cool with me even though my check card got declined and i had to go to the bank and withdraw the actual cash. it sounds silly but laying an envelope stuffed with cash on the counter was so much more difficult to do than swiping that card. i did it! look for lots of new stuff on this blog in the future!

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