Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rock Star Weekend

just got back from the fest in gainesville, fl. it was a blast!.... hanging out with friends i hadn't see in a while, my cardinals winning the world series, and seeing so many great bands.... it may have been the perfect weekend if it wasn't for the 20+ hours of sitting on planes and in airports that it took to get there and back.

a while back i did a tee design for planes mistaken for stars and over the weekend i was able to pick up a shirt from their merch table when i saw them play. they're such good guys and were really appreciative of me doing the art for them. i think they still owe me a couple of drinks for it though.

and, if that wasn't cool enough already, the next day i saw this dude wearing the design that i did at a different show... and i went all dork on him and asked to take his picture. i would normally not do this, but i was still just so excited about the whole thing and had a couple of beers in me as well. it was pretty cool not only seeing one of my designs for sale from one of my favorite bands but also knowing some random guy liked it enough to buy one for himself.

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